Military Space

Alexey Kruglov | Alexey Lapin | Jaak Sooäär | Oleg Yudanov



“Creme de la creme” of the Russian new music augmented by the Estonian guitar wizard deliver a performance of spontaneous combustion. It is amazing to watch how this powerful music delivered with total abandon and relentless drive is turning into a 66-minute suite with oasis’s of deep contemplation and beauty which are nothing but the lull before the storm. Recorded live, this music will live forever. For the convenience of a listener the suite is divided into eight episodes. Alexey Kruglov – saxophones, bassethorn, block-flutes, tenor sax with trombone mouthpiece, Alexey Lapin – piano, Jaak Sooäär – el. guitar, live electronics, Oleg Yudanov – drums.