Pat Battstone – piano, perc, Marialuisa Capurso – vocals, ocarina, electronics, Adolfo La Volpe – live electronics, guitar, Mariasole De Pascali – flutes, Francesco Massaro – sax, Giacomo Mongelli – drums, perc.

The Ancients believed in four Elements – Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth – that together made Spirit. We arrived from three countries, two continents, and a day later were recording, each bringing our own Element, and from this union flowed Music. Six musicians who had not all met before, not discussing what to play, but casting our nets and trusting in a collective guidance, enjoying our voyage. What you are about to hear is the musical odyssey that we experienced, in its entirety. It’s a trip to a free land, to an undiscovered planet – the new one of the Elements.